A note to our customers

June 4, 2020
Dear Customer,

As the pandemic continues, we hope this message finds you and yours well.

Our work family has returned to the factory and are now manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment
(non-medical grade cloth masks, gowns and booties). Please go to our website, www.iconshoes.ca , to
view and place orders. You may also send orders and inquiries to info@iconshoes.com.

We are still balancing our commitment to providing the best service to you, our Customers, with the
well-being and safety of our staff. We have put into place a comprehensive safety plan for our
employees to keep them as safe as possible.

Our retail store in Saskatoon is reopening with reduced hours on June 5. We are limiting store access to
5 people at a time. Masks are encouraged, and if you do not have one, we have some available for
purchase that were made right here in Saskatoon. Gowns and masks will be in stock, and orders will
also be accepted.

Website customers, we want to thank you for your support during these very strange and trying times.
We are still here to help you with support and information at info@iconshoes.com or
help@iconshoes.ca . Also, there still may be shipping delays beyond our control.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has skewed our production cycle dramatically, but we are doing everything we
can to produce the new product you have been waiting for. Please be patient with us. We are very
excited about the new product that has been developed and the wait is difficult for us as well!

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Icon, and understanding and supporting our purpose. Every
purchase you make supports hope!

Icon Management Team

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