Girl before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso in 1932

Girl before a Mirror is a painting by Pablo Picasso that was created in March 1932. Considered to be one of his masterpieces, the painting has elicited varied interpretations of this portrait of Picasso’s lover and her reflection.

The painting depicts a woman looking into a mirror, with a familiar yet contrasting mirror-image looking back at her. While the woman is painted with brighter colours and exhibits a more beautiful face, the figure in the mirror is darker and more grotesque. On top of this duality of imagery, the faces of both the woman and the reflection are bifurcated into different colorations, which suggests a duality of nature within both the girl and her reflected image.

The painting features a very colourful palette, with bright pinks, yellows, and greens contrasting with vibrant reds and dark blacks. The skin and face of the girl is delicately beautiful in contrast with the rest of the painting, and is unlike many of Picasso’s other Cubist faces of the time period. In contrast, the reflected face is much more grotesque and darkly coloured, and the features are much less traditionally beautiful.

Pablo Picasso presents a divergent view of his subject, with a brighter figure standing before a mirror which reflects a darker mirror image. While the face of the woman herself is split into both yellow and more naturalistic colours, they contrast in their application of make-up or natural skin, suggesting a two-fold nature of beauty.

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