Icon Family

Icon Family
What makes Icon special is the Icon family of employees. Icon believes in the potential of all people. Employees at Icon are single mothers, people working at recovery from addiction, people who have been incarcerated, and people new to our country. They are given work, a chance to learn a trade, and an opportunity to grow and turn their lives around in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

A recovery community, based on San Patrignano in Italy, is in the planning stages and the purpose behind bringing Icon Shoes to Saskatoon. San Patrignano was started over 40 years ago and has a 76% recovery rate. The residents live and work there. There are several different businesses that they can work at to learn a trade and contribute to the community, all while working on their recovery from addiction.

Every purchase you make goes to helping someone who needs a second chance in life.

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