Local Support – Saskatoon, Sk, Canada

Icon Shoes is a socially responsible company with a premium leather product business.  Our goal is to build satellites for healing communities on reserves. With the opportunities we provide here at Icon, we will be giving newcomers to our country, disadvantaged, and vulnerable individuals a second “First Chance” at a new, better life surrounded by positive energy.

We are such a connected world with advances in technology. We have easy access to get things from around the world. This is great in so many ways. Sometimes if we are too connected our local economy suffers. Our business supports both economies.

Photo Credit: Icon Shoes

Today our moccasins were designed, cut and sewn in Saskatoon, Sask.

We also have a mandate to support individuals who may have been incarcerated, others are single parents, low income or immigrants.

Check out the moccasins with unique art expressions and are proudly Canadian!


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