Icons Wallets

Discover ICON’s designer wallets for women

We believe that every woman needs an edgy wallet to complete her accessories collection. That’s because these miniature purses are allowing you to keep a hold of your money, credit cards, and necessary ID cards. You can’t possibly afford to have these important items lying loose inside your purse. That would surely be a recipe for disaster.

ICON introduces you to a line of everyday designer wallets for women. Some of our bags are designed to be micro-versions of messenger bags, cross-body bags, and other handbag designs. Whereas, the other options are unique pieces that come with straps and card slots for practical organization. Each piece is splashed with artistic prints to add a fun element to these sensible accessories. From chains, sturdy zippers, secure clasps, tassel key chains to wristlet straps―these wallets might be small but they’re super practical.
So what are you waiting for?

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