Leather Conditioner For Bags

Discover ICON’s Leather Care Products

Everyone wants their leather products to look brand new all the time. But whether they’re
Italian suede clogs, loafers, high heels, clutches or handbags― with time your favorite

an accessory is bound to get dusty and old.

Lucky for you, ICON isn’t just an online shoe store. We also provide you with a wide range of
leather conditioners for bags & shoes. We’ve got the standard brushes and polishes to for everyday cleaning


Our special shoe creams and conditioners helps wax your worn-out leather accessories and shoes and makes
them look brand new. These high-quality products maintain your leather’s glossy exterior by
getting rid of the dust and grime that gets attached to it. They also nourish the dry, scaly
leather that seems to have died due to excessive use. Plus, with the extra layer of sleek, smooth

wax they’ll come out looking fresh and new.
So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to shop for the best leather care products and scrub those blemishes away!

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