Key Chains

Discover ICON’s whimsical key chain collection

You can’t deny the fact that key chains make for a pretty nifty piece of accessory. Not only do
they function as your key holders but they’re also an ornamental accessory for our bags. And
we’ve all used a keychain as a replacement for a broken zip puller. Haven’t we?
This is why key chains are always in fashion. So we’ve put together a mini keychains collection
especially for you. From fringe rings, tassel key chains to hearts― we’re sure you’ll think that

one of these keychains is a keeper.

Our bestseller is the heart-shaped ‘Desert Fever’ that features a beautiful woman pondering
over the starry sky. This particular key chain is bedazzled with crystals and adorned with an

intricate golden key ring.

The other key chain is a standard Bohemian key chain with sturdy leather fringes. The tassels
are available in three distinct colors―royal blue, bold black, and sweet honey― with a

golden/silver key ring attached to it.

Are you ready to get your hands on these iconic accessories?
Buy these trinkets for yourself or gift them to friends

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