Women’s Designer Shoulder Bags

Discover ICON’s designer shoulder bag collection!

Are you ready to shop till you drop? ICON is ready to blow your mind with its colorful range of designer handbags. We’ve rounded up all our icon bags to create this exclusive category for speedy shopping. This collection covers everything from expandable tote bags, strapped clutches to some unique vintage women’s designer shoulder bag.

Each of these stylish statement purses is designed with the utmost care and attention. Moreover, we have taken wearable art to the next level by creating digitized prints of your favorite masterpieces like the eccentric ‘Singing Fish’  by Joan Miro and sophisticatedly charming ‘Pumpkin Poppies’.

All the bags are easy to carry with their adjustable straps and durable designs. You can either opt for big expandable tote bags or some compact clutches depending on your need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading out for work or catching up with a friend these trendy bags ensure that you have got everything you need with you.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s shop for shoulder bag!

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