Socially Responsible Company

Icon Shoes is a socially responsible company with a premium leather product business.  Our goal is to build satellites for healing communities on reserves. With the opportunities we provide here at Icon, we will be giving newcomers to our country, disadvantaged, and vulnerable individuals a second “First Chance” at a new, better life surrounded by positive energy.


Key personal traits our team practice and will teach in our satellite facilities:

  • Bring spirituality and consciousness to our life and the lives around us.

  • Be a resource for help by creating second chances and providing a welcoming and safe work environment.

  • Promote a sober and comfortable living environment as well as independence.

  • Communities will gain positive behavioral traits such as accountability, self-sufficiency, stability, and personal growth.

  • Implement structure, discipline, and responsibility and encourage artistic-ness, self-love, and self-awareness.

  • Be free of judgment, recognize and accept religion and beliefs, and provide a sense of family.

  • Help cope with feelings caused by the internalization of traumatic and negative experiences.

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the consequences of our actions, for ourselves, and for others.

  • Promote awareness and positive change.

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