The Garden of Monet at Argenteuil, 1873 by Claude Monet

The Garden of Monet at Argenteuil, 1873 by Claude Monet

During the period of 1871, many artists would visit the attractive rural town. Many painters just like Auguste and Monet recognized the beauty of Argenteuil.

The garden played a huge role for Monet, where he conducted a large percentage of his work. Impressionism at the time was a new idea in art, and Monet constantly went against traditional art theory in representing his own emotions and vision of what he was painting. This brought a new way of painting, with brighter colors and a different use of light, which proved to be supremely popular in Paris, in the capital of world art.

However, artists around the world have preserved their beauty forever. Some of the most celebrated paintings from well-known artists are of flowers. The many colors, forms, and shapes ensure endless diversity. This is why flower paintings have always been beloved by artists and buyers.

In 1873, Monet painted beautiful flowers such as red dahlias around his garden at Argenteuil. There is a large space where beautiful flowers are surrounding the homes.

Monet has a view of other homes around, with slanted roofs and apartment windows. He isn’t far away from his own home, which is the one that is seen with blue window shutters and cream exterior. In the background, the backlit clouds portray a cozy scene without being overcrowded. Life in this small town appears to be safe and quiet. The neighbors around can see one another from their upstairs windows overlooking the gardens. The downstairs windows cannot be seen to provide privacy.

Claude Monet was famous for his beautiful paintings inspired by his gardens as shown in Artist’s House at Argenteuil and Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil. As the gardens increased in complexity, Monet’s flower paintings consumed his attention. His paintings are bright, colorful, and distinctive. This has helped to keep his flower paintings among the most popular images of all time.

In Monet’s painting Garden in Argenteuil is a glowing view of the excess nature in Claude Monet’s garden. The painter enjoyed the peace and tranquility Argenteuil offered. We can see this in many of his paintings.

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